oRegion signifies origin (of food coming from floral species) with original and regional characteristics and committed to deliver ‘Original Regional Foods’.

It is a Food-Tech startup that enables technology for the traceability of food & ensures the delivery of natural, unadulterated & healthy food to the consumer.

Through this platform, all the products are presented in the form of stories of their origin, speciality of the region, benefits and applications to use.

We believe in transparency while presenting to the customer and expect “Kharche se Pehle Charcha” from all the consumers visiting us.


Embracing Zero Budget Natural Farming

Zero-budget natural farming is a holistic approach that relies on ancient agricultural wisdom and harmony with nature, using traditional techniques and natural resources to cultivate their crops.

The crops are grown without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, ensuring that you consume food in its purest form. They are rich in essential nutrients, bursting with natural flavors, and possess a unique freshness that only nature can provide.


Taste of timeless heritage

Our operations are based in regional India, and we produce traditional regional food using the wisdom passed down through generations. We believe in serving our food with natural, unadulterated, and preservative-free methods, which means you can enjoy our food without worrying about any harmful additives.


Food with a clear conscience

At our core, we believe in transparency, and we openly share information about our raw ingredients, farmers, and processes. We are committed to delivering transparency in food, which means you know exactly what you are consuming and how it was produced. We also provide relevant scientific information to help you make informed decisions about your food choices.

Feeding change, nurturing communities

Our aim is to reach the conscious consumer and improve the efficiency of the food chain while empowering sustainability. By supporting tribals, women self-help groups, natural farmers, and their families, we are also empowering the rural economy. We believe that our commitment to sustainability and transparency in food will help us create a better world, one meal at a time.


Origin of the oRegion

Rajat and Mayank, with a background in Chemical Engineering, set out to transform the way we eat. Fueled by a passion for sustainability, they bridged the gap between consumers and natural farmers in India. Their vision created a company empowering farmers, offering consumers pure, preservative-free food. This dynamic duo, committed to a conscious food industry, pioneered a sustainable revolution. Today, they inspire a movement for equitable, ethical, and healthier nourishment, inviting others to join them in sowing the seeds of change.