Setting up the health clock

Setting up the health clock

In the world of customized living, we often tend to limit ourselves to the external objects we use. That includes clothing, gadgets, accessories and the list goes on. There is an exception about health and diet that goes into autopilot mode and completely out of focus from customization. This is because the human mind focuses on those things that are perceivable through the senses and thereby setting up our perception.

For a subtle paradigm shift, there needs to be a manual that decides the dos and don’ts required ‘for’ body instead of ‘on’ our body. This is called a health manual. It includes accepting the values of conscious living in our daily life as a habit. Here consciousness refers to the setting up of a mindset first before eating and knowing what you are eating. Witnessing the process of eating is a very important ritual in this method.

Our body mechanism is synced with solar movement. This depicts the different levels of body functioning at different times of the day. To tune in with the energy of the sun, we need to set our health clock accordingly. In the health clock menu, the type of food and time to eat are the most fundamental things to set.

Type of food refers to light, medium, and heavy whereas time to eat is the intervals like morning, afternoon, and evening. The principle of inverted pyramid best describes this concept where it is better to eat heavily to medium food in the morning, medium in the afternoon, and light in the evening. The reason behind it is the digestive system works better in the morning to afternoon stage as compared to the evening phase. What needs to be included in the diet is also an important factor. That includes proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Those are the 6 essentials required for the working of the 6 senses. Once we set up the health clock then we can go toward the health calendar.

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