Rawyal is the new Royal

Rawyal is the new Royal

In today’s world of social media, filters seem to be an important characteristic while posting content. Be it a photo, video, or short reel. That becomes useful while enhancing the outer aesthetics of the things mentioned above.

‘Filters enhance the external characteristics, not the internal ones.’

Some synonyms for filters in terms of food are refined, polished, fortified, enriched, clarified, etc. We happen to see but ignore their real meaning.

To understand it more logically, let’s check how beneficial a cover is.

Every living entity has three layers-

  • Energy- To remain life
  • Matter- To provide physical existence.
  • Cover- which helps physical matter in protecting and enhancing the shelf life.

Now consider a situation, how a human being would look without hair and skin or fruits without shells or beans without a cover. Very difficult to imagine! Right. But we are a part of the filtered company, and we feel proud about it without knowing the significance.

The environment is created in such a way that the outer cover is more powerful than the inner matter. That helps the physical matter to sustain and extend its life. Let’s take the example of wheat and refined wheat. Wheat consists of germ (inner core), endosperm (middle layer), and bran (outer cover), whereas in refined wheat, only endosperm is present, which makes the latter difficult to digest because of the absence of an outer shell called as ‘bran’ which acts as a fiber and helps to assist digestion.

Similarly, we use refined oils, a processed type of natural oils obtained after treatment with numerous chemicals to fulfill properties like odor-free, flavor-free and transparent. It is like removing the protective cover and treating it chemically to improve the shelf life. But this is like creating a problem first, and then formulating a solution just for self-satisfaction.

Natural foods have a more beneficial impact on our bodies compared with refined ones. We need to identify the usability and impact of both types on our bodies. Just because refined foods are cheaper doesn’t mean they are healthy. Similarly, we need to give special attention to selecting natural food over medicines.

Through this article, we encourage healthy readers to think about the choices made on food. Refined will keep you fine for some time, but natural and raw food will make you royal.

Live Rawyal, Leave Refined

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